James Patterson – 15th Affair

15th Affair is the 15th book in the Women’s Murder Club series by bestselling novelist James Patterson and is co-authored by Maxine Paetro.

The release date of this story was May 2, 2016.

15th Affair book description

As she settles into motherhood, Lindsay Boxer thinks she has found wedded bliss. But when a beautiful, alluring blonde woman with links to the CIA disappears from the scene of a triple murder at a downtown luxury hotel, Lindsay’s life begins to unravel.

Before she can track down the woman for questioning, a plane crash plunges San Francisco into chaos and Lindsay’s husband Joe vanishes. The deeper she digs, the more Lindsay suspects that Joe shares a secret past with the mystery blonde.

Thrown into a tailspin and questioning everything she thought she knew, Lindsay turns to the Women’s Murder Club for help as she tries to uncover the truth.

Filled with pulse-pounding international intrigue, the 15th Affair proves that all is fair in love, war, and espionage.

James Patterson 15th Affair

James Patterson 15th Affair

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