James Patterson – Expelled

Expelled is a standalone novel aimed at young adults by New York Times bestselling author James Patterson and Emily Raymond.

The release date of Expelled was October 23, 2017. It was subsequently re-released in 2018 with a different title – The Injustice.

Expelled book description

A secret Twitter account
An anonymous photo
Everyone is a suspect

Will Foster’s Twitter account used to be anonymous–until someone posted The Photo that got him and three other students expelled, their futures ruined forever. But who took the picture, and why are they being targeted?

To uncover the truth, Will gets close to the suspects: the hacker, the quarterback, the bad girl, the class clown, the vice principal, and…his own best friend.

What secrets are they hiding, and even worse–what do they know about each other? The terrible truth will haunt them forever.

James Patterson Expelled

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