James Patterson – Master Of Distaster

Master of Disaster is the 12th book in the bestselling Middle School series by James Patterson and co-authored by Chris Tebbetts.

The release date of this story was February 17, 2020.

Master of Disaster book description

Rafe and Jimmy, two misunderstood “troublemakers”, are finally up to something good. They’re in charge of a huge celebration of books and reading–but when a small issue snowballs into a big problem that threatens to derail the whole event, they need to work fast to keep things on track!

And the best part? Rafe and Jimmy are joined by the funniest storytellers they know, including Jamie Grimm from I FUNNY, Jacky Ha-Ha, the Kidd family of Treasure Hunters, super-genius Max Einstein–everyone’s favorite characters from James Patterson’s bestselling series for kids!

James Patterson Master of Disaster

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