James Patterson – Murder Thy Neighbor

Murder Thy Neighbor is a book containing two true-crime thrillers by James Patterson and is the 7th installment in the Murder Is Forever series.

The release date of this book will be September 15, 2020.

Murder Thy Neighbor book description


Ann Hoover is a nice woman but she hates her neighbor. Ten months ago, Roy Kirk moved in next door and now his house is in a great state of disrepair and Kirk himself has turned sullen and hostile. When Ann sues him, Kirk will retaliate in a gruesome, horrific manner. (with Andrew Bourelle).


Jenelle Potter has always been better with connecting with people through social media. With overprotective parents, she hasn’t had very many options to meet people, until she meets Billy. But her feelings for Billy are unreciprocated, causing Jenelle to start a virtual war, until that war enters the real world. (with Max Dilallo).

James Patterson Murder Thy Neighbor

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