James Patterson – Rebels With A Cause

Rebels With A Cause is the second story in the Max Einstein series by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein.

The release date of this book was September 9, 2019.

Rebels With A Cause book description

Max Einstein’s typical day is not your average 12-year-old’s. She…

  • TEACHES classes at a New York college
  • Dodges KIDNAPPING attempts with her best friends
  • Goes on SECRET MISSIONS for her billionaire boss
  • Has a MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION to Albert Einstein
  • Just a day in the life of the Change Makers Institute’s top agent!

A village outside Mumbai is having a water crisis that only a group of kid geniuses can fix-so Max and CMI her friends book it to India.

But it’s hard to save the world when you’re trying not to be kidnapped by a greedy corporation that profits when others suffer–and seems to know your every move. It’s almost like the bad guys have a spy inside the Change Makers…

James Patterson Rebels With A Cause

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