James Patterson – See How They Run

See How They Run was the 3rd novel to be released by James Patterson.

When this book was originally published in 1979 it was called The Jericho Commandment. It was then re-released in 1997 with this revised name.

See How They Run book description

Outside New York City, the palatial home of Dr. David Strauss’s parents is attacked by gunmen during a glittering party. As he watches helplessly, his wife is murdered.

In Los Angeles, Strauss’s brother is killed during the Academy Award ceremonies.

In Manhattan, his past sweetheart, Alix Rothchild, is running for her life.

Dr. David Strauss is soon obsessed with finding the explosive secret behind the murders of his family members.

His dangerous odyssey takes him across Europe, and finally to the Olympics, where one of the most shattering surprises in suspense fiction will take place.

See How They Run

James Patterson See How They Run

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