James Patterson – The 13-Minute Murder

The 13-Minute Murder by James Patterson is one of the stories in the BookShots series and is co-authored by Shan Serafin.

The release date of this story was April 16, 2019.

The 13-Minute Murder book description

He can kill anybody in just minutes–from the first approach to the clean escape. His skills have served him well, and he has a grand plan: to get out alive and spend his earnings with his beloved wife, Maria.

An anonymous client offers Ryan a rich payout to assassinate a target in Harvard Yard. It’s exactly the last big job he needs to complete his plan.

The precision strike starts perfectly, then somehow explodes into a horrifying spectacle. Ryan has to run and Maria goes missing.

Now the world’s fastest hit man sets out for one last score: Revenge. And every minute counts.

James Patterson The 13-Minute Murder

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