James Patterson – The 20th Victim

The 20th Victim by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro is the 20th book in the Women’s Murder Club series.

The release date of this novel will be May 4, 2020.

The 20th Victim book description

Three victims, three bullets, three cities.

Simultaneous murders in LA, Chicago, and San Francisco — SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer’s jurisdiction, and local reporter Cindy Thomas’s beat.

The shooters’ aim is as fearsomely precise as their target selection. When Lindsay realizes that the fallen men and women excel in a lucrative, criminal activity, she leads the charge in the manhunt for the killers. As the casualty list expands, fear and fascination with this suspicious shooting gallery galvanizes the country.

The victims were no angels, but are the shooters villains . . . or heroes?

James Patterson The 20th Victim

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