James Patterson – The House Of Kennedy

The House Of Kennedy is a non-fiction book by bestselling author James Patterson and Cynthia Fagen.

The release date of this book will be April 13, 2020.

The House Of Kennedy book description

Those who dwell in the House of Kennedy work hard, live hard, and win at all costs. But just how much has it cost them?

The Kennedy name is synonymous with American royalty. The family commitment to public service is legendary and enduring. But all their wild charisma has been dashed by disgrace and tragedy: Assassinations. Murder. Plane crashes. Fatal accidents. Mental illness. Drug overdoses. Alcohol abuse, and plenty of sex scandals.

This family of widows and fatherless children has been cursed with nearly unimaginable losses — yet even today, there remains a glamorous aura around the indomitable Kennedys.

James Patterson The House Of Kennedy

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