James Patterson – The Plunder Down Under

The Plunder Down Under is the 7th book in the Treasure Hunters series by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, with the illustrations done by Juliana Neufeld.

The release date of this story will be June 8, 2020.

The Plunder Down Under book description

The Kidd family is on their way to Australia to find Lasseter’s Gold when they are challenged by fellow treasure hunter Charlotte Badger, who challenges them to a race to the gold! But when the Kidds pull into port in Australia, their parents are suddenly arrested-they’ve been framed! It turns out Charlotte Badger is a pirate, and she’s planted a priceless stolen black opal on the Kidds’ ship, The Lost!

Now Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy have seven days to traverse the Australian Outback, find Charlotte Badger and her pirate cronies, and bring back the evidence that will prove their parents innocent. If they fail, their parents will be found guilty and thrown in prison…forever!

James Patterson The Plunder Down Under

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