James Patterson – The Worst Years Of My Life

The Worst Years Of My Life is the first book in the Middle School series that’s aimed at young people of that age.

This was written by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts and had a release date of June 27, 2011.

The Worst Years Of My Life book description

It’s Rafe Khatchadorian’s first day at Hills Village Middle School, and it’s shaping up to be the worst year ever.

He has enough problems at home without throwing his first year of middle school into the mix, but luckily he’s got an ace plan for the best year ever – if only he can pull it off.

With his best friend Leonardo the Silent awarding him points, Rafe tries to break every rule in his school’s oppressive Code of Conduct.

Chewing gum in class – 5,000 points! Running in the hallway – 10,000 points! Pulling the fire alarm – 50,000 points!

But not everyone thinks Rafe’s plan is a good idea, especially not the teachers, parents, and bullies who keep getting in his way. Will Rafe decide that winning is the only thing that matters? Are things about to go from magic to tragic?

James Patterson The Worst Years Of My Life

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