James Patterson – Three Women Disappear

Three Women Disappear is a standalone novel by James Patterson and co-authored by Shan Serafin.

The release date of this book will be October 26, 2020 and comes with a bonus BookShots story called Come And Get Us.

Three Women Disappear book description

Three women fled the scene — but did one commit the crime?

When mob accountant Anthony Costello, nephew of the don of central Florida, is fatally stabbed in his own kitchen, the numbers are off. Way off. There were three women in the house with him that morning — his wife, Anna; his maid, Serena; and his personal chef, Sarah. All three have reason to want him dead. And all three are missing.

What’s more, chef Sarah happens to be married to homicide detective Sean Walsh. Walsh may be a bad husband, but he’s a good cop. And one with a ready audience: his vengeful ex-partner, who’s in charge of the investigation; and Anthony’s uncle, who has his own powerful hold over Walsh. Both are watching his every move.

But even if Walsh can find the women and bring them in, it’ll be their word against that of a dead man — and none of them can be trusted.

James Patterson Three Women Disappear

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