Miracle Series

Back in 1996, James Patterson released his 12th novel, a story called Miracle On The 17th Green which was co-authored by Peter de Jonge.

This tale about an aging golfer called Travis McKinley was a magical and inspiring story. So much so that Patterson and de Jonge have since written further books featuring the golfer.

This page therefore has a list of all the books in the Miracle series. The title of each book links to a page about that story where you can find the following information:

  • Its release date
  • A description of its story
  • An image of the book cover
  • A link to the novel on Amazon where you can buy a copy and read reviews of the story

If you’d like to find more information about all his stories, check out our list of James Patterson’s books in order.

Miracle Series In Order

  1. Miracle On The 17th Green
  2. Miracle At Augusta
  3. Miracle At St. Andrews