James Patterson BookShots Series

On June 2, 2016, James Patterson published The Hostage and Break Point in the UK, the first two stories in a series of BookShots. A few days later, he also released Cross Kill and Zoo 2 in the US.

These BookShots are stories at the speed of life – lightning-fast reads that you’ll be able to get through in just a few hours and which contain all original content.

This means that the stories are cheaper, less than half the length of a typical novel and are much more plot-driven.

Many of these are standalone stories, although some of them are tied in to his other series of novels such as Alex Cross and the Women’s Murder Club.

There are many of these stories in the pipeline, so we’ve created a complete list of BookShots below to help make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

The list links to pages for each of the stories where you’ll find the following information:

  • Its release date
  • Whether it’s part of a series or a standalone story
  • A book description
  • An image of the front cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon where you can check out reviews by other readers or buy a copy for yourself

To see how these fit in with all of his full-length novels, see our list of James Patterson’s books in order chronologically.

BookShots Series In Order

  1. The Hostage
  2. Break Point
  3. Cross Kill
  4. Zoo 2
  5. The Trial
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. Airport Code Red
  8. The Witnesses
  9. Chase
  10. Let’s Play Make-Believe
  11. Dead Heat
  12. The Pretender
  13. 113 Minutes
  14. Hunted
  15. The Verdict
  16. Trump Vs Clinton: In Their Own Words
  17. French Kiss
  18. $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal
  19. Heist
  20. The Women’s War
  21. Killer Chef
  22. Taking The Titanic
  23. Kidnapped
  24. Black And Blue
  25. The Christmas Mystery
  26. Private: The Royals
  27. Come And Get Us
  28. Hidden
  29. The House Husband
  30. French Twist
  31. Malicious
  32. The Shut-In
  33. The End
  34. The Exile
  35. After The End
  36. Diary Of A Succubus
  37. Private: Gold
  38. Detective Cross
  39. The Lawyer Lifeguard
  40. Stingrays
  41. Steeplechase
  42. Nooners
  43. Deadly Cargo
  44. The Moores Are Missing
  45. The Housewife
  46. Absolute Zero
  47. The Medical Examiner
  48. The Dolls
  49. Stealing Gulfstreams
  50. Dead Man Running
  51. The Family Lawyer
  52. Night Sniper
  53. The Good Sister
  54. Scott Free
  55. You’ve Been Warned-Again
  56. Manhunt
  57. Avalanche
  58. Kill And Tell
  59. The Doctor’s Plot
  60. The House Next Door
  61. The Killer’s Wife
  62. We. Are. Not. Alone.
  63. The 13-Minute Murder
  64. Malevolent